RV/ Mobile Generator Models

Current Cummins Onan Mobile Commercial Generator Set Models

The grid below contains Cummins Onan Commercial generator set specification sheets. Their purpose is to provide you and your dealer/distributor with technical product information to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision based on your needs and requirements. They also help to facilitate proper maintenance.

Cummins Onan welcomes you to print these documents. They are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Click here for a free download of Adobe® Reader® to enable viewing. Click on the appropriate link in the Spec Sheet column to open them. Use your normal browser print command to print them.

Please note that we have changed the brand names of our Cummins Onan Commercial generator sets. The list below displays both old and new names for your convenience.

Prior Brand Name Current Brand Name Current Model Spec Sheet PDF icon
MicroLite 2000 (50 Hz) Commercial QG 2000 LP (50 Hz) KV a-1400
MicroLite 2300 (50 Hz) Commercial QG 2300 (50 Hz) KV a-1400
MicroLite 2500 LP Commercial QG 2500 LP KV a-1400
MicroLite 2800 Commercial QG 2800 KV a-1400
MicroQuiet 3600 (50 Hz) Commercial QG 3600 (50 Hz) KY a-1399
MicroQuiet 3300 LP (50 Hz) Commercial QG 3300 LP (50 Hz) KY a-1399
MicroQuiet 3600 LP Commercial QG 3600 LP KY a-1399
MicroQuiet 4000 Commercial QG 4000 KY a-1399
CMM 5500 Gasoline Commercial QG 5500 HGJAE a-1440
CMM 5500 LP Commercial QG 5500 HGJAE a-1440
CMM 6500 LP Commercial QG 6500 LP HGJAE a-1441
CMM 7000 Gasoline Commercial QG 7000 HGJAE a-1441
CMM EFI 5500 Commercial QG 5500 EFI HGJAD a-1442
CMM EFI 7000 Commercial QG 7000 EFI HGJAD a-1443
CMHG 6,000 Commercial HG 6000 6RBAB a-1495
CMHG 8,000 (50 Hz) Commercial HG 8000 (50 Hz) 8RBAB a-1499
CMHG 8,000 Commercial HG 8000 8RBAB a-1496
CMHG 10,000 Commercial HG 10000 10RBAB a-1497
CMHG 15,000 Commercial HG 15000 15RBAB a-1498
CMHG 20,000 Commercial HG 20000 20RBAA a-1459
CMHG 25,000 Commercial HG 25000 25RBAA a-1460
CMSD 6.0 (50 Hz) Commercial SD 6000 (50 Hz) HDKAL a-1390
CMSD 7.5 Commercial SD 7500 HDKAL a-1390
CMSD 8.0 (50 Hz) Commercial SD 8000 (50 Hz) HDKAG a-1393
CMSD 10.0 Commercial SD 10000 HDKAG a-1393
CMSD 20.0 Commercial SD 20000 HDKAW a-1538
CMQD 5000 (50 Hz) Commercial QD 5000 (50 Hz) HDKBB a-1452
CMQD 5000 Commercial QD 5000 HDKBC a-1452
CMQD 6000 Commercial QD 6000 HDKAV a-1486
CMQD 6500 Commercial QD 6500 HDKAT a-1392
CMQD 7500 Commercial QD 7500 HDKAT a-1486
CMQD 8000 Commercial QD 8000 HDKAU a-1486
CMQD 8000 (50 Hz) Commercial QD 8000 (50 Hz) HDKCC a-1491
CMQD 10000 Commercial QD 10000 HDKCC a-1473
CMQD 12000 Commercial QD 12000 HDKCD a-1474
Protec AC PTO (50/60 Hz) Commercial Protec 15000-35000 YD a-1394