Commercial/Industrial Power Generators

Diesel Powered & Spark Ignited Gas Generator Sets for Commercial & Industrial Standby & Backup Power

Maybin’s Emergency Power Systems offers high quality and dependable standby and backup power generation solutions for commercial and industrial uses, whether you need a 20 kW power generator or a 3 MW power generator in single or 3-phase voltage configuration.

Cummins Power Generation is the only manufacturer to feature PowerCommand® pre–integrated commercial power systems. We offer standby/emergency systems, multi–megawatt utility peaking facilities and sophisticated cogeneration applications. Our power systems are not just integrated, but pre–integrated — because all of the components are designed and built to work together. The result? Smaller equipment footprints, reduced installation time and higher system reliability. That’s The Power of One™.  View our Full Line of Power Solutions

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Cummins Generators have been a critical component in keeping the power on, no matter the elements since 1920. Whether you’re in need of a high-performance backup power system, or just in need of keeping the lights turned on, Cummins Generators is the right brand for your use.


Commercial/Industrial GenSets

Cummins Power Generation products include:

  • Diesel engine generator sets in the 7 kW to 2.7 MW range
  • Spark–ignited natural gas/propane engine generators in the 7 kW to 150 kW range
  • Lean–burn gas engine generators in the 315 kW to 2 MW range

Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel powered generator sets remain the number–one choice for standby and emergency power systems, worldwide. Able to start and assume load in less than 10 seconds, and rated load in a single step, Cummins diesel generator sets are the epitome of rugged dependability and reliable mechanical and electrical performance. Diesel generators are also well suited to utility peaking plants, Distributed Generation (DG) facilities, peak shaving (or peak lopping), and power management at large commercial or industrial sites.  

Spark-Ignited Generator Sets – Natural Gas and Propane 

Our spark–ignited generator sets, 6.0 to 150 kW, are designed for applications that call for gaseous fuel options as a result of fuel containment, economic and emissions considerations, or compliance with local codes. These generator sets have fuel systems for both natural gas and propane, making them a convenient choice for a variety of life–support and related applications, including small health care facilities and retail businesses.

Lean–Burn Gas Generator Sets

Cummins lean–burn natural gas engine generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 315kW to 2 MW. These feature very low emissions and are suitable for prime power and combined heat and power (CHP) applications. Low BTU fuel option on specific models.